Cigarettes and Sunglasses

Canyon Riders third release, tell your friends, help spread the word! Streaming on all major platforms – give it a thumbs up.

C&S Cigarettes and Sunglasses - Single Song Release

April 20, 2024 – We got a 420 gift for you, so roll one up and enjoy our new track. Canyon Riders third single ‘Cigarettes and Sunglasses’! We’re really stoked to get this one out there. Thanks to @flashrecording for producing and letting us idiots in your studio! Cigarettes and love Baby!
Cowritten by Drew Leonard (Lenny) and Matt Peterson (Pete)
Produced and Recorded by Andrew @flashrecording
Streaming Release Date: April 20, 2024 
℗ Little White Dog Records


Cigarettes and Sunglasses Song Lyrics Coming Soon.

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