Pete: vocals and guitar

Pete (aka Matt Peterson) West Coast music artists—Singer-Songwriter

Pete, aka “Matt Peterson” takes the helm as the band’s lead singer, infusing his vocals with a distinctive earthy quality that is both genuine and expressive. You’ll also find him showcasing his versatility as a musician on the guitar, blow’n the harmonica or sliding on the steel guitar.

Hi there! Wow, what can I say? I am so passionate about playing guitar and making music, I’m sure it comes through in the bands performance. I’m a carpenter by day, musician by night, and storyteller by nature. I’m in awe of the likes of Jerry Garcia, Hank Jr., and my dog named Ceejae. I like friends and good times. (And gettin’ caught in a thunderstorm.)
Pete (aka Matt Peterson)

PETE, West Coast music artists — Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Lenny and Pete

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